Week 10: Classroom Management

Guys! I’m finally placed, and I couldn’t be more excited!! I also couldn’t be more nervous. It’s starting to hit me that in a semester I will be student teaching, and then looking for my own job. Where did the last four years go? I’m pretty sure that college goes faster than high school, but maybe that’s because I enjoyed it more? Either way the butterflies are starting to form in my stomach especially when it comes to one topic, classroom management. Thankfully, my instructors seem to be on the same page as me this week because not only did we address it in my special methods course, but also in or PDW we had this week in BLOCK.

I keep expecting my first year of teaching to look like one of those bad teaching movies. You know the one’s where the students are constantly throwing things, talking over the teacher, and just generally ignoring the teacher? Yeah, that terrifies me. How am I with my 5 foot 4 inch frame supposed to handle all of that. I am definitely not intimidating, but then again do I need to be? A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on relationships and the importance they have in the classroom. Now what I understand from my teachers is that building relationships is also key to classroom management. Making your students feel important is huge. When we are taking the time to build relationships with our students it’s saying that they are actually worth caring about, and honestly I’m pretty sure that’s something huge. I know too many students over the years that teachers gave up on. I’ve seen too many kids who could have been great cast aside because they weren’t the best and the brightest. I think this is the wrong way to go about it, and if you walk into your classroom acting like you are the lord of all you probably shouldn’t be there.

See along with relationships is this thing called respect. It’s a little hard to show respect to someone when they are constantly treating you like crap. Let’s be real we all know that one person that wants you to respect them, but the does something at every turn to try and force that respect. What happens? You don’t want to respect them, instead you develop that little seed of dislike. Okay, well that’s what happens with me anyway. Back to teaching though. If you can’t also respect and encourage your students, why should you expect them to respect you back. You  have a piece of paper, that’s about it. These kids have thoughts and ideas too, and it’s important that they are heard.

So, while I’m still more scared than ever to start my career in teaching, I also feel like I’m starting to get an understanding of how I can help my students. I’m calling them the two R’s of teaching, relationships and respect. Also, just to point out this applies to your colleagues, administration, and community too. Our PDW speaker on Wednesday said something that really hit me, and I think too many people don’t realize it, so I’d like to share it again here:

Teaching is not a career, it is a lifestyle.

You will be watched from the moment that you become a teacher, and you need to be sure that you are living your life in a way that leaves no question about what you have dedicated your life to doing.


One thought on “Week 10: Classroom Management

  1. Rachel! You’re placed?! How did I not know this? Ah – I am SO excited for you! Can’t wait to hear more about it tomorrow. I, too, loved the message the PDW left on Wednesday. Teaching is definitely more than a career. I think that when we start to consider it as a lifestyle, we start to think of ways to better it as we grow and move along. Excited to talk with you tomorrow!

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