Let’s Get Pumped for Summer!


Photo CC- Frank Schmidt

Summer has always been my least favorite season. I prefer the crisp days of Fall, or even the hopeful days of Spring, to those hot summer days spent trying to avoid the humidity that Eastern Nebraska likes to bring (thank you corn). The one nice thing about summer is that instead of taking classes my days are filled with my job at the local gas station and lots and lots of books. I’m especially excited for this summer because I have an idea of what I want to read, and how I want to keep my experiences from this class going.

I took a look at the #readeveryday challenge, and I have to say it looks like it might be more than I can chew, but I do think I want to set a reading goal this summer. I really Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. It continues to push adversity, but also gives you a manageable amount of books to read even though it is actually set up to be accomplished over the course of the year. I also looked at some other Reading Bingo’s that seemed interesting and brought a variety of books to the table. I’d like to at least read 30 books by the end of the summer. Although I feel like if I can read that many books during this semester then I can probably do way more.

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge for Kids.  Get Your Kid Reading this Summer with these Free Printable Bingo Boards!:

Photo Credit- The Chirping Moms

I also found a Bingo card that focused on who you read to and where you read that looked interesting and creative, and I definitely want to try it even if it might be for little kids (Pinterest really is amazing). I have this grand images of curling up on the couch and spending my afternoons in good books. In reality my reading will probably be mixed in wherever I can get it. I’ve gotten into a really good habit of reading before bed, and I want to keep that going. My family is very active during the summers, so I can foresee a lot of outdoor reading and reading in the car.

I plan to continue using Goodreads and other YA blogs to find books to read over the summer. I have a lot of YA series that I want to read that I didn’t get to read this semester. I’m hoping to read Red Queen, finish the Maze Runner series, and finally reread The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare. Along with these there are still a few random TBR books that I want to check out. Thankfully I’ve looked and our local library carries most of them, yay! Our library is actually located in another town about 10 minutes away. While this may not be much of a drive gas really makes it hard to make a trip there everyday. My sisters and I have developed a tradition of going over to the library at least twice a week to stock up on books. We’ve learned to get more books than we think we need because often the stack we picked up the day before is gone in at least a day. I’m know this tradition will continue to help me continue to stock up on books to read, and with two sisters in middle school, and a sister who is a Junior I’m sure I’ll be able to get plenty of book suggestions.

I’m really excited for the summer of freedom and reading that I have ahead of me. It’s going to be great, and hey it will keep me out of trouble.



8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Pumped for Summer!

  1. Love the bingo card you found! I see it being a possible way to get a nonreader excited about reading. Plus, it creates so many stories and memories for the person that completed it. Hope your summer goes well! Enjoy your books. 🙂


  2. I also like the Book Riot’s 2017 Read Harder challenge. I think it will really be a challenge, but it will help me read books that I never would have even thought about before. I am looking forward to finding books that fit in the categories.


  3. That’s a cute summer bingo card you found! The only time I’ve tried reading to my pet was when she was very, very sick; it turns out she was deaf the entire time, but it was therapeutic for me!


  4. I can’t wait for summer. I love the Reading Bingo sheet you attached to this post. I may have to steal this idea to make summer reading a little more fun.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Bingo card! Now I’m cooking up a new assignment for future Adolescent Lit courses–something about finding or creating and completing your own Bingo Card. Of course wait: don’t we have enough assignments in this class?! I haven’t ever participated in Book Riot’s reading challenge, but I always think it looks so interesting. Maybe this will be the summer I try!


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