DS106 Assignment: Buzzfeed Personality Quiz

For this assignment you were supposed to create some sort of personality quiz on Buzzfeed. The quiz didn’t turn out too bad, but it definitely could still use some editing. Feel free to take it yourself.




Daily Create: 3D Hand


Okay so this actually took a little more work than I thought it would. I messed up in a few spots, but overall it turned out really good. It’s a cool project to do, especially with kids.

DS106 Assignment: Your Character’s Past

Since I haven’t created a character for ds106 I decided to use one of my characters from the story I’m working on for my creative project.

Michelle’s Backstory:

Michelle is still fairly young when we first meet her. She is seventeen and just getting ready for her senior year of high school.She has lived in the town of Lakewood for most of her life. She was born and raised there. As a child she had a pretty happy childhood. Her best friend Trina grew up just down the street from her and the two have been inseparable for most of their lives.  As the years went on the girls added two other girls to their group, Trisha and Carrie. The four of them are pretty well known as a group with each girl filling a part.

While each girl fills a part Michelle really doesn’t feel like she has a specific role in the group. Each of the girls have their own talents, but Michelle doesn’t. She doesn’t even really know what she wants to do with her life. Even though the girls are her friends she’s always felt like she was just hanging out in the background. As the story goes she will start to develop an idea of who she wants to be as a person.

Michelle has a really good relationship with her family. Her mom and her have been close since she was very young. She also has a little sister, Sylvia, who is only a few years younger than her. While the relationship between the sisters hasn’t always been great, they do consider themselves fairly close. This friendship is key in Michelle’s life. As the story goes on the relationship with Sylvia will be very important. Since the two girls are so close in age they both also attend the same high school. While Michelle’s relationship with her father has been strained, the two still get along fairly well.