DS106 Assignment: Bad Guy Business Cards

Captain Hook’s morale has started to dip, and many of his crew need something new to do. Captain Hook, with the help of Smee, have launched a new marketing campaign to try and bring in new business. Hey why not recruit some new crew while they’re at it?



Daily Create: What’s Behind that Door?


Behind the door is the most beautiful room you’ve ever seen.  The gems that glitter around the room are tempting to pick up and carry right back through the door.  Unfortunately just as you go to pick one up you notice a sign on the back wall: TAKING GEMS IS FORBIDDEN.  Now you must decide whether to risk the unknown consequences, or to simply step back out the door through which you entered, with nothing but a memory.


Daily Create: Ocean in Your Backyard

This challenge was based off of the book “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” The goal was to describe some sort of “ocean” in your own backyard through a short story.  tdc#1710

Dear Diary,

Today was pretty amazing! To start it rained almost all day today. Rain is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  Anyway, it rained and rained and rained, and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t ever going to stop.  I could see all these puddles forming outside, and all I could think about was getting to go jump in them. Mom of course said I couldn’t go out until the rained stop.  I sat at the big living room window and watched the water just keep coming.  Then I realized something! The backyard was almost completely covered in water. The rain was creating an ocean in my backyard! I was really impatient now. I had never really gotten to see an ocean before and now was my chance.  As soon as the rain stopped I was out the door before mom could even tell me to put on my boots.  I ran into the backyard and headed for the ocean.  At first I was a little nervous. Aren’t there things like sharks and octopuses in the ocean?  I didn’t want to risk being attacked or anything, so to start out I just walked around part of the ocean. Man, you would not believe how big that thing was. It took me forever to make it all the way around to the back fence, and then I discovered that the ocean even went under the fence! I couldn’t believe it. I guess I just figured it would stay in our backyard.

The ocean wasn’t very deep in some places. I knew these places were safe because I could see little blades of grass sticking out in the water there.  Just as I was about to put my foot in the water, mom hollered at me not to go out too deep.  I totally wasn’t planning on it, but I guess she needed to feel safe or something.  Anyway, then I put my foot into one of those little shallow spots, and I was really cautious because of sharks. Then I thought about it and decided sharks usually stay out in the really really deep parts.  The water was just like any other water I had ever seen.  It was dark and pretty muddy. I didn’t think oceans were that dirty. I thought that they were bright and open so that you could see all the fish swimming around.  I played around out there for a little while before mom called me in.  I was pretty disappointed that I hadn’t seen any fish in my ocean. Then just as I was about to walk into the house I saw a fish pop up right out there in the middle!

When I went back outside after supper I discovered that my ocean had started to shrink. It wasn’t nearly as big as it was before.  I ran back in the house and had mom take a picture of me with my magical ocean before it was all gone.  So diary now I have the most amazing picture to go with the most amazing day. Anyway it’s bed time now. Talk to you tomorrow!