Daily Create- Day 20

This is what happens when you put a door on the west side of the house, it melts.



Paying Closer Attention (Attention Log)

You ever realize how much you notice when you actually sit down and pay attention? When I’m on the computer I don’t really pay attention to how I act or what is going on in the situation. I found a lot out when I started keeping track of just what I did while I was online.  I have to say I wasn’t really impressed by myself, and some of my actions.

July 20, 2015: When I got online the plan was to spend about an hour working on assignments, and getting my daily create done for the day.  I was sitting at the kitchen table, so there was quite a bit of noise from my siblings.  I started out by first finding some music to drown out the outside noise. I was on my laptop, but my phone was definitely touched multiple times during the session. I checked Twitter and WordPress, and replied to comments on my blog. I also started on my daily create, and worked on it. I was fairly focused during the time period, but I also noticed that I would check my phone fairly often. I also got annoyed and frustrated easily when I was interrupted or asked questions by siblings.  I ended up spending about forty-five minutes online.

July 21, 2015: I could lie and tell you I was working on homework, but I ended up sitting down for a binge session on Netflix.  I spent about two hours laying in bed watching shows. I found myself feeling completely relaxed. I didn’t feel stressed, but I started to feel really lazy especially after two hours of sitting down doing nothing but watching tv. After the fact I noticed that I started to feel more stressed and panicked because I realized just how much I needed to do that I hadn’t done.

July 23, 2015: This session lasted about thirty minutes, and occurred on my phone.  I spent this time scrolling through Facebook and playing games on my phone. I noticed that I was really distracted during this time. Several people tried to start conversations with me, but they didn’t last more than a couple minutes.  I was really focused on the screen, and not on what was going on around me.

July 23, 2015:  I once again sat down in an attempt to get homework done. I actually felt really productive during this time. I was seated at the kitchen table, and it felt like a more serious environment. Instead of being distracted by everything I was focused on getting my work done. I got way more accomplished than I originally had though I was going to. I ended up working on things for about thirty minutes, and got way more done than I had before.

July 24, 2015: This was a more rushed session where I was trying to get a lot done in very little time.  I wanted to spend more time working on things, but in the end I only got about twenty minutes of work done.  It was a giant rush to get a lot done in little time, and I was beyond stressed. There was so much going on in front of me on the computer, but also around me. I was in the kitchen again, but this time there were several people around me doing multiple things.

I learned that my environment plays a huge part in how much I get accomplished and what happens when I go online. It doesn’t matter whether I am on my phone or computer I often interact poorly with those around me. Even in situations when there was no reason to be irritable I was.  I think this opened my eyes to just how much technology has an impact in my life, and how the decisions I make when I go online impact other people.

What I Thought I Knew

I would have to say that the last two months have been very eye opening for me.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started this class, but I have learned so much.  This semester I have tried several new things, and been introduced to many new ideas.  Things that I had never thought about using in the classroom now seem like good learning materials.  I think a lot of my innovation came through the Daily Creates. These gave me the opportunity to do something a little different, and play with some slightly strange ideas.  I loved the freedom that I got from each prompt. Even though you still had to follow some guidelines you got to be as creative as you wanted with whatever you were doing.  One of my favorites was the hyperbolic tiling. I had a lot of fun playing with it, and turning the picture into something new and interesting.

“I believe that isolation is the enemy of innovation, and I will learn from others to create better learning opportunities for others and myself.” This is a part of George Couros’ pledge that I wasn’t really keen on at the beginning of the semester.  I didn’t really understand how connecting with others would  help my teaching and learning.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how nice it can be. Through my PLN I have been able to connect with a lot of great people. I’ve gotten ideas for classrooms, and been involved in conversations that helped to develop my ideas and opinions.  I have access to different ideas from different people. It was difficult at first to sort through everybody, and find those that I actually wanted to follow. In the end all of its been worth it, and I’ve been able to widen my PLN even more. It’s also nice when one of my posts or tweets gets a conversation started. I never really thought of Twitter as an educational tool, but I have definitely enjoyed having it this semester.

In the future I can see myself using several of these new forms of technology in my own classroom. I fell in love with the idea of using podcasts in the classroom. I have continued listening to Serial, and I am still in love with it. I can see the value that podcasts can have in the classroom. They allow students to connect with some piece of the outside world.  For me podcasts still remind me of evenings listening radio shows with my family.  Its something different that I really think students will enjoy.

For me innovation is trying something new, and not being afraid to take risks. I think that creativity is a big part of innovation. You have to be willing to think up new ideas, and try to make them work.  Something that surprised me this semester was how narrow minded I could be about things that can be used for education. I never really saw things like blogs or Twitter as things that could be used in class. I was completely wrong.  It’s been interesting to see how many different things can be used in an educational setting.  This class has been an amazing learning experience, and I’ve definitely had my eyes opened.